Conspiracy Theorist Sees Alien UFO ‘Riding’ the Lightning


Scientists have looked for decades to reveal extraterrestrial life with enough scientific evidence, but the latest discovery has stunned many people. Ufologists have seen a UFP shaped as a triangle, traveling inside a lightning bolt. It has been caught on video and it made many wonder if it really was proof of an alien spacecraft or not.

A YouTube channel called ‘Secureteam10’ uploaded a video of the scenes. In the video, there is an object of a triangular shape, traveling through the lightning and following that exact path.

The narrator of the video claims that the UFO could have either been hit by the lightning or it was feeding of its energy using advanced alien technology. He is a conspiracy theorist, but in the same video he also reveals many other photos of UFOs that weirdly happen to be near lightning bolts.

The video also shows over four UFOs at the same time on a sky full of lightning bolts.

In just a few hours from being uploaded, the video has been seen more than 225,000 views. With the scenes getting viral, viewers starting adding theories of their own, trying to explain what they’ve seen.

A YouTube’s theory sounds logical: “It makes sense… UFO’s are often seen around power-lines, power-plants, and other sources of power. I’ve personally seen strange craft near power-lines several times”.

Another conspiracy theory channel named ‘UFOToday’ has released a video of four UFOs heading towards a thundercloud, and many other similar scenes have been recorded so far.

Using ANNs and AI to Identify the Mysteries of the Universe

While asking ourselves if those really were UFOs, scientists from the University of Plymouth have been working with ANNs (artificial neural networks) and AI (artificial intelligence) to find extraterrestrial life and solve some other mysteries. The senior author of the research, Mr. Christopher Bishop, explains their goals:

“We are currently interested in these ANNs to prioritize exploration of a hypothetical, intelligent interstellar spacecraft that scans a remote exoplanet system.”


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