Climate Change is Going to Drastically Affect Future Seasons


It seems like a scenario taken from a dramatic novel or movie that explores how nature is going to take its vengeance on us, all the tragic events being caused by climate change. However, this time we are not talking about a distant future that perhaps your grandsons’ grandsons are going to live, we are talking about how abrupt climate change is going to raise the temperatures during summer and drop them drastically during the winter.

Where is this happening?

To a degree, this is happening almost all over the world but one of the countries that is going to feel these effects worse than others is Ireland.  A group of researchers from NUI Galway have found out that what they call abrupt climate change has already started to affect the ice field in Scotland, some 13,000 years ago. The Gulf Stream is the one point through which warm ocean currents pass through, which does influence the temperatures that people in Ireland feel.

Now, they are afraid that the fact that Greenland’s ice sheet is slowly melting away and that global warming is now going to affect the warm ocean currents as well, making it so that people living in Europe, in Britain and in Ireland can only expect to experience colder temperatures sometime in the future. Not only this but the lead author of the study, namely Dr. Gordon Bromley, has come to the conclusion that the difference in temperatures will also be felt during summer, as they will be hotter than usual.

In order to come up to these conclusions they analyzed the geologic evidence, in the shape of marine vegetation and marine shells discovered in glacial deposits, by dating it with the help of radiocarbon. This undoubtedly shows how climate change negatively affects the maritime region but also other areas as well.


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