China Invited Researchers All Over The World to Do Experiments on their Future Space Station


China will have by the end of 2022 the biggest space station to orbit our planet: China Space Station. This is what Shi Zhongjun, China’s ambassador to the UN said in a statement:

“The China Space Station belongs not only to China but also to the world.”

They’re inviting all the members of the UN to send their scientists to the future space station and submit their applications. So far, China has only relied on their hardware and crew. Now, they’ve made a huge step in cooperating with other countries.

Zhongjun also cited the Outer Space Treaty (which is 50-years-old), which says that space exploration should benefit all countries and should be a peaceful act.

Researchers that are UN members can perform experiments up on the China Space Station whether inside or outside the habitat or in the lab facilities inside the station. China will receive proposals by 31 August 2018 from universities, private companies, and public organizations.

Recently, China and the European Space Agency have worked together in training astronauts, hoping that a European astronaut will get to stay on the future space station. China intends on building a positive image by showing that they’re willing to cooperate with other countries, similar to how NASA and Russia have worked in different space missions.

“They’re hoping to project a positive image of showing they want to work with other countries while demonstrating their technological prowess,” explains Andrew Jones who is a freelance journalist that covered China’s spaceflight program.

However, until China Space Station is open, there is still much to be done. China must start launching the core module of the space station and then the pieces of the space station.

“They’re going to have to start launching a lot more often, a lot longer missions, and that’s going to be a great challenge. They need to build up experience,” added Jones.


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