China has its Own Viral Vaccine Scandal


China has been hit by a scandal related to vaccines and in a land already sensitive to food and drug safety-related issues this is a big deal. The Chinese people became quite angry concerning safety scares and this affects the local pharmaceutical market and China’s plans to expand on the international level as well.

What happened?

Changsheng Biotechnology Corporation is currently under investigation by the Chinese police. The chairwoman and other four senior executives are suspects of criminal behavior after false documents were apparently produced to make rabies vaccines and vaccines meant for Chinese babies.

This is a huge impact on the world’s second-largest drug market as it plans on expanding globally. The Chinese Food and Drug Administration stated that this corporation lied about its records concerning production and product inspection. Also, another serious law violation was the changing of process parameters which happened arbitrarily.

What were the effects?

This resulted in a collapse, as shares in the Chinese biotech market fell all across the board. This was the result of the Chinese Prime Minister going after the company, calling it out on crossing a red line.

Concerning the Chinese people, there are no reports that speak about people being harmed by Changsheng’s actions. The regulator put the company’s production process on halt and it also ordered to call back its sold products.

This case went viral in a country with a people who are extremely concerned about food and drug safety, after it had to deal with many scandals over the last 10 years. The Chinese president also spoke about this issue, encouraging the authorities to deal swiftly with this matter.

Apparently, 252600 DPT vaccines were sold last year although the company knew they were substandard. They were used to help children to fight against diphtheria or tetanus.


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