Canada Needs More Blood Donors


The Canadian Blood Services have started the spring with an urgent call to all Canadians. They are looking for donors to keep the inventory of blood constant. At the moment, CBS has only three days’ inventory of these blood types: O+, O-, A-, B+, and B-.

However, blood of any type is needed, because it doesn’t have a long shelf life.

A Single Donation Can Save Three People’s Lives

Any eligible Canadian can go and donate blood, especially now, when the national inventory is at very low levels. The CBS needed to get 10,000 blood donations by March 10, but the need is constant, so they have set up schedules at different collections across Canada.

Rick Prinzen, CBS Chief supply chain officer stated:

“We’ve had an increase in donations across Canada since Feb. 20 when we urged 35,000 new and returning donors to give blood.”

Many people have indeed donated, but with the late snowfall and the floods in Ontario, the levels of blood supply were too low.

The blood is needed not only for accident victims but also to cancer patients, people that suffer from blood disorders that need blood transfusion daily.

A way to solve the issue would be to have more regular donors, as less than 4% of eligible Canadians donate blood every year. And although it sounds like a very low percentage, Canadians are among the most loyal blood donors worldwide!

Prizen said that “many Canadians have stepped up to help patients by donating blood or asking someone to donate on their behalf and more are needed”.

Celia Missios was an accident victim that is now alive thanks to the blood she received from the CBS. She said that donating blood will give “people back a child, their friends and their loved ones and people in the community.”

Any person over 17 years old can donate blood. For those that want to check if they are eligible, check out the official Canadian Blood Services website, where there is a simple quiz to take.

All collecting locations accept walk-in appointments.


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