Calgary Facility Wants to Turn Fossil Fuel Emissions Into Useful Things


On 25 May, the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) announced that the would start turning carbon dioxide into useful products. The center will test carbon capture and technologies to convert carbon dioxide into products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ACCTC will test products by using the gas emission from Shepard Energy Centre.

Michelle Hiltz is the business relations manager for InnoTech Alberta and stated that:

“The fact that Alberta gets to host one of these facilities is fantastic. This is a unique facility in the world. When you look at the amount of carbon dioxide that comes out and the fact that we can turn this into products that we can use, we are doing two really great things; one is we are helping our climate, and second we are making products that we need.”

Turning Carbon Dioxide into Alcohol, Clothing and Building Products

Hiltz stated that their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta by 50%.

Some of the recycled products are in the range of alcohol, clothing, and even building products. The tenants at the facility will be the finalists of the competition called XPRIZE, sponsored by the Canadian Oilsands Innovation Alliance (COISA). Dan Wicklum is the CEO of COISA, stating that:

“We have world-class talent, and now we have a world-class testing infrastructure that’s going to make that concept of carbon capture and conversion more real and allow us to for fill the potential quicker and better than anyone else in the world.”

He also added that this program would turn a liability into useful products.

Converting carbon dioxide is still an early process that requires a lot of money, but the goal is to make the process cheaper.

After the competition which will take place in 2020, the test center will continue to develop new technology.


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