Bizarre Phenomenon Spotted Under Antarctica Ice


A bizarre phenomenon is taking place under Antarctica’s ice sheets. A recently published study claims that a hot zone which is up to three times bigger than London is located under one of Antarctica’s ice sheets.

The hot zone won’t trigger a cataclysm in the foreseeable future but the effects can be seen. An area of ice spanning over approximately 100-by-50 km (62-by31 miles) has already started to collapse

The study aimed to learn more about the last un-surveyed regions of our planet. The researchers weren’t expecting a major discovery since the targeted area has been known to have a thick layer of stone under the ice, which had almost no impact when it came to the development of the ice sheets.

There researchers were not able to determine when the hot zone first appeared, but they estimate that it could be several million years old. While its effects may have not been visible until now global warming accentuated the phenomenon. The hot zone renders the location particularly vulnerable if the global temperatures continue to rise as the ice in this area will certainly melt faster.

The heat may be coming from radioactive rocks that are located in the upper crust or even a powerful geothermal source that eliminates a large amount of hot water under the ice sheets. Since the ice is quite thick, the researchers are unable to identify the exact source at this point.

Data was collected via aerial survey, as the team used of scientist used high-power radar in order capable to penetrate the 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of ice in order to learn more about the structure, density and general condition of the ice sheets.

At the same time an ambitious mission led by the European Space Agency is using advanced satellite in order to scan the lithosphere buried under the ice.

The results have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.


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