Bill Gates-funded Startup in Squamish Cleans the Air Sucking Up Carbon Dioxide and Making Fuel


International investors have funded a startup based in Squamish which created a revolutionary technology that could combat climate change in the future. It will also affect the future of global politics and how we all see fossil fuels and pollution.

The startup uses Carbon Engineering (CE), which are banks of fans that get air to capture carbon dioxide. Using limestone, hydrogen, and air, the carbon dioxide goes through chemical reactions that will create a synthetic fuel (gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel).

The research was released this week, showing that the process costs less than USD$600 per ton (as it was previously mentioned). The new data shows that there will be somewhere between USD$94 and USD$232 per ton. That means that the fuel could be only USD$1 per liter.

Cutting Emissions to Reduce the Effects of Climate Change

Steve Oldham is the CEO of CE, stating that:

“CE’s vision is to reduce the effects of climate change by first cutting emissions, then by reducing atmospheric CO₂.”

He explains that the fuel is compatible with engines, so it’s an alternative for fuel in the transportation sector, and it significantly reduces emissions through blending or using it directly:

“Our technology is scalable, flexible, and demonstrated. Today, we’re actively seeking partners who will work with CE to dramatically reduce emissions in the transportation sector and help us move to a carbon-neutral economy.”

David Keith is a Harvard professor and founder of CE, the one who came with the idea of such a plant. Since then, in 2015, the plant was operational to gather more information for the research. It started converting carbon dioxide into fuels last year.

Removing Carbon From the Atmosphere by ‘Capturing’ Air

Noah Deich is the executive director of the Center for Carbon Removal. He explains that:

“Direct air capture technology offers a highly-scalable pathway to removing carbon from the atmosphere.  This analysis demonstrates the potential for Carbon Engineering’s technology to fall to a cost that would drive significant investment and corporate adoption in the near future.”

CE is a private company which has private investors like Bill Gates, Murray Edwards and has received some support from governments.

This technology could be a way to clean the air by reusing the carbon dioxide from the air and not extracting it from the ground.


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