BFR Spaceship from SpaceX Went Through a Growth Spurt


The Big Falcon Rocket (or BFR, for short) is SpaceX’s way of making the mission of colonizing Mars easier. Apparently, it just went through a growth spurt. The rocket, which acts as a duo because it also has spaceship characteristics, is reusable, meaning that it will save a lot of money because it is able of being used for multiple missions.

During a webcast event which took place at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk said that the rocket-spaceship duo will stand 118 meters tall (or 387 feet). This accounts for an 11 percent increase when compared to previous design iterations which were laid out by the billionaire entrepreneur in September 2017.

Most of the growth process is due to the BFR spaceship, which had its length prolonged from 157.5 to 180 feet (48 to 50 m). The height isn’t the only thing that changed with the spaceship. In 2017, design iterations had it featuring six Raptor engines. From those six, four of them came with big nozzles, being vacuum versions which were ideally optimized for the rocket to use them in space.

However, now the space company envisioned that seven Raptor engines would fare better on the ship. Apparently, all of them will provide the same level of power, the sea-level engines being incorporated into the huge BFR rocket as well. Moving past this, the spaceship will be able of accommodating 100 people on board and it will now feature two movable fins placed near the nose of the sip, while two other large ones will be found near its tail.

These changes will allow the spaceship to take safe maneuvers as it looks to land on worlds with atmospheres, such as Mars or Earth.


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