BC Hydro Survey: Electric Vehicles and the Myths About Them Scared Off Buyers


There is a new report from BC Hydro recently released after a last year’s survey, showing that a lot of B.C residents would want to buy an electric vehicle. However, they don’t know much about prices, range and charging options. They believe that these cars are very expensive, don’t have enough range and then there’s the issue with the charging stations, which are not enough.

BC Hydro: They’re All Myths

According to the study from BC Hydro, a great majority of the 800 adults from B.C. interviewed live with the impression that getting an electric vehicle is a bad investment. However, the study found that in long-term, some electric vehicles are cheaper than the gas-powered cars. Not only that, but they have a lot of range and there are many charging options too.

And why are electric vehicles cheaper in B.C.? Because electricity has a very low price in B.C and an electric car owner could save in one year $1,400 – money that would have been spent on fuel.

An average of vehicle trip is under 30 km, and in B.C. there are seven electric vehicles for sale, each having a battery range of over 150 km. And with a provincial rebate, an electric vehicle would go for less than $40,000.

The report states that: “B.C. is one of only three Canadian provinces to offer rebates for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Rebates of up to $5,000 are available for battery electric vehicles, and up to $2,500 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. When combined with SCRAP-IT program incentives, total savings on the purchase of a battery electric vehicle could be up to $11,000.”

More Charging Stations and Options

As for charging stations, 90% of the people surveyed said that they didn’t see an electric vehicle charging station close to their residential complex or home. As an alternative, a 120-volt outlet from the house is also good to use for charging the vehicle.

The report also mentioned that BC Hydro is working on increasing charging stations in B.C.:

“There are currently more than 1,000 charging stations – including 30 fast charging stations, with 26 additional stations planned to be added this year”.

This year, the B.C. government has also announced that there will be three new rebates for purchasing and installing chargers for electric vehicles at homes, residential complexes and for workplaces.


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