Bad Breath is a Symptom that you Suffer from B12 Deficiency



There are people that develop a B12 deficiency and don’t even know about it. That’s because the symptoms can take years to show themselves. Here we’ll talk about one of the signs for B12 deficiency, a smelly breath.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin, according to the NHS, is required by our bodies so that it can continue to make red blood cells. Another use of the B12 vitamin is keeping our nervous system on a clean bill of health, and also, it helps with the DNA production.

Because the symptoms can take a long, long time to appear, it might be difficult to find out if you are suffering from B12 deficiency. Dr. Craig Maxwell, part of the Integrative Medical Center revealed that a possible warning sign is represented by bad breath.

Bad breath

The smelly odor in your mouth can have multiple causes. Apparently, over 10percentt of cases are caused by conditions outside of the mouth, according to the Mayo Clinic. So, how can bad breath be related with a B12 deficiency?

Well, when such an affliction appears, the number of enzymes helping with digestion starts to decrease. This results in more waste accumulating in the blood and that’s possibly why you have bad breath.

Dr. Maxwell said that being on an improper diet might lead to oral or gastrointestinal health problems which can themselves lead to bad breath.

The cure

You don’t need to be scared. In the event that you do suffer from not having enough vitamin B12 in your bloodstream, then you can opt for a natural cure. The best one would be to eat a lot of veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts combined with meat, poultry, fish (the one caught in the wild) and eggs. What must not miss as well are healthy fats, such as olive and coconut oil or avocado.


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