Astronomers Amazed as they Discover a Neutron Star that Shouldn’t Exist


When a star goes supernova, its evolutionary endpoint is basically represented by a neutron star. The material which made the star is now blown off, scattered into space, while the core of the star collapses within itself, and instead it leaves behind a certain ‘something’ that is really dense and packs quite a bit of gravitational power.

At approximately 24,000 light years away from earth resides a dead star which exists despite what our current theories are saying, denying its existence. This particular celestial object is emitting relativistic jets. As well, it has a pretty strong magnetic field. This contradicts present theories which state that relativistic jets happen when a neutron star has weak magnetic fields.

When a star blows up, it can take two new forms. Either a neutron star (if its mass is three times larger than the Sun) or it can become a black hole. The star we are talking about, Swift J0243.6+6124 is apparently violating any current assumptions. Scientists from the University of Amsterdam observed that, despite X-ray emissions, the system was capable of also emitting radio waves.

It became a unanimous conclusion that these emissions resemble relativistic jets from sources like black holes. However, these ones are much weaker than what we gathered from other neutron stars. Van den Eijnden, a reputable scientist, said that “The radio spectrum of Swift J0243 is the same as that of jets from other sources and evolves in the same way. The radio brightness also follows that of the in-falling gas, as seen in other jet-creating systems. So for the first time ever, we have observed a jet from a neutron star with a strong magnetic field”. It seems that this star has a magnetic field that is 10 trillion times stronger than what the Sun has.


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