Are We Really Going to Build a City on Mars?


As per a NASA expert, UAE has a plan to build a city on Mars and it’s not going down for anything. It all happened in 2017, when UAE talked about its plan to make the first human settlement on Mars – all of this until 2117. This plan is a part of UAE’s bigger plans to support the economy that’s based on knowledge.

It sure is an ambitious plan. But it’s actually not that easy to predict when we are going to live on Mars, and if, actually. But the team behind the project is excited and optimistic. They said that their hopes are high. But even if it doesn’t happen until 2117, it gives you a good lead and there’s a lot of learning to do in this whole process. We’re going to Mars, but it’s not going to be easy, as the team said. We all know the saying: big things are worth the while.

UAE and the space camp

Dr. Rice is a famous astrologist who has more than 30 years of experience on his back, researching the moon and Mars. He is now working to share his thoughts and knowledge to 150 youngsters. He motivates them to get a career in astrology sometime in the future.

This is a space camp of 5 weeks which follows NASA’s program. It was organized by Compass International, that made a collaboration with UAE Space Agency. The youngsters are ages from 9 to 18 and they are asked to design a mission to Mars – the whole deal with the launch system, lander, transit vehicle and robotic vehicles – even the base of Mars. They’re also asked to build a model of rocket. Together, they’re learning more about the UAE space program.


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