Are Octopuses Aliens? A New Study Says It Could Be Possible


Scientists have come up with a new theory based on data from different studies and biological information: Octopuses are aliens!

It might sound weird at first, but then looking at the evidence, you’ll that it all makes sense. The theory claims that octopuses came on Earth in the form of frozen eggs, 250 million years ago and they evolved on other planets before reaching our world. The theory is based on the weird ability that octopuses have.

Editing The Body

Last year, in April, scientists discovered that cephalopods can edit their bodies.

On the other hand, scientists cannot pin this spectacular ability on evolution. Biologists agree that this is an “advanced biological capability,” and it could have come from elsewhere than our Earth.

The octopus, cuttlefish, and squids can regularly rephrase their RNA. This a unique trait that cannot be found in other animals on Earth. US Marine Biological Laboratory researcher Joshua Rosenthal said:

“This shows that high levels of RNA editing … (is) an invention of the coleoid cephalopods.”

RNA is different from DNA in the sense that it has a single strand. It transmits genetic information to the body and triggers the production of protein. Researchers think that in the early life on Earth, RNA was working as DNA.

While studying a squid, researchers saw that 60% of the RNA was edited after it was programmed by the DNA, making the creature adapt to changes of temperature in the ocean.

However, editing their RNA comes with a cost, according to the Rosenthal. It looks like the cephalopods maintain a flexible RNA, continuously editing it, but they cannot evolve further:

“The conclusion here is that in order to maintain this flexibility to edit RNA, the coleoids have had to give up the ability to evolve in the surrounding regions — a lot.”

Life From Space

According to the study, the “space-based transfer of life” has enough proof through all the icy genetic substances that collided into the Earth’s atmosphere. Stellar winds made alien life get on our planet too and unfroze as they reached the earth.

Finally, the study concludes that octopus’ eggs, bacteria, viruses or cells could have reached Earth after the Cambrian Explosion, thus leading to the increase of genetic diversity and the emergence of humankind.


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