Apple Plans to Release a Foldable iPhone in Two Years


Apple has always been one of the companies that have constantly brought innovation in the world of technology. The iPhone remains one of the most popular handsets, and, according to many, the best one.

However, in order to maintain their position, the company has to make sure that they bring enhancements and innovations as often as possible. This time, it seems that Apple has some big plans for 2020. According to, The tech giant is planning to release the first foldable iPhone.

We will finally receive a foldable phone

The concept of a foldable phone is one that has been popular for quite some time. Many bloggers and tech experts have speculated about a foldable phone, although we weren’t really sure that it is possible to create one.

Now, a Wall Street firm released some interesting information that seems to confirm the possibility of an upcoming foldable phone. And Apple will be the company that will release it. At the same time, it appears that LG might also have something in the works.

“Our checks also suggest that Apple is working with suppliers on a foldable phone (that potentially could double up as a tablet) for launch in 2020,” declared analyst Wamsi Mohan. He also wrote that the iPhones that will be released this fall won’t be too different, and they will be in fact “largely unchanged for the OLED versions.”

This information is quite believable, as many people were already expecting foldable phones to become the next big thing, and some companies even proved that foldable screens can become a reality. Apple has always created innovative products, so this wouldn’t surprise us. Receiving foldable phones is a dream come true for many users, and we can only appreciate the fact that companies work hard to make their products evolve.


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