An Odd Alien Object Floated up on the Beach


Recently, on October 4th, on the beach from Seabrook Island,was found a massive unknown object. The discovery was made by the nonprofit business, Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network (LMMN) which is determined to protect the aquavit animals, especially dolphins, whales and seals. They made the picture viral on Facebook and suggestion and theories immediately were made up, pointing out that the object looks like an extra-terrestrial rocket or spaceship. But we all know these are just some silly jokes.

This unknown object is described as nonmetal, with a soft and fluffy structure turning down any comparison with an alien spaceship.

A possible explanation and theory that can work was made up on Facebook by the users, pointing out that the foam structure and shape matches up the model from a marine buoy picture published in 2014 by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These large floating devices were sent 40 miles north and southwest from Cape Hatteras and 20 miles away from the shoreline of the coast and with the duty to capture the temperature, wind, and barometric pressure data that will help researchers.

A hurricane called Florence recently had place in Seabrook Island, and along the Carolinas coast so probably it had the strength to break parts from some buoys.

The Seabrook Island town representatives along with SIPOA Security, SIPOA Maintenance and Sunburst used a trailer linked to a pickup track to clear out the beach and the object is still not identified clearly.


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