Amazon Develops A Device That Can Read Human Emotions


Amazon is now allegedly developing a device that will seemingly have the capacity to decipher people’s emotions. This type of device would rather be an innovative health gadget.

This would be the type of device more seen in dubious crowdfunding campaigns rather than a gadget developed by the planet’s biggest tech companies.

Bloomberg has reportedly found out details from a source and re-examined Amazon documents, which display Alexa voice software team and Amazon’s Lab126 hardware sector partnering on the wearable, voice-activated device creation. The gadget, operating connected to a phone app, is reported to come with microphones that can recognize the owner’s emotions only from the sound of its voice. Bloomberg said that the device could have the capacity to advise the user how to connect more efficiently with other people.

Lab126 has developed the Kindle, the Fire Phone, and the Echo speaker that brought Alexa. Also, a report appeared last year and implied that the team is working on a home robot. The purpose of Amazon’s hardware attempts is to develop an ecosystem of Alexa-type of able devices, with the home robot making Alexa portable and the wearable, emotion-recognizing device allowing the voice assistant access to a new aspect of a user application.

The idea of a device that has the ability to recognize human emotions is not too improbable, as there are various biomarkers that can sense states such as agitation. Even if the notion seems possible, attaining a precise, or a pretty decent data on the human’s emotional state appears more like an incredibly ambitious enterprise.

This is undoubtedly one of the stuff that was not yet achieved because of how difficult it is to do. The original report says that it’s not yet clear how at what stage of development the Amazon’s device is or if it will end up being a commercial item.


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