Amazing Pictures of Elusive Nebula Captured by Hubble


As an aspiring stargazer, you may believe that NASA and the astronomy community can observe anything they want. The truth is that space is immense, on a scale so large that we still far-away from reaching the limits of our universe, or even know much about lies outside our own galaxy.

A beautifully strange nebula was recently captured by the Hubble Telescope. At first sight, the scientist believed they were observing the birth of a small group of stars, with the release of strong ultraviolet radiation being responsible for the impressive gas shapes. It would seem that that is not the case. When a young star interacts with a cloud of gas and dust, it may create a strange bright arc due to its high-velocity, as it travels at the impressive speed of 200,000 kilometers. The enigmatic star has prompted a further study of the nebula, as researchers hope to find more about it.

Even though Hubble is ancient by today’s standard, it still manages to capture impressive content years after its mission was supposed to end. An interesting set of images that capture a surprising aurora display on Saturn has also been captured by Hubble during the summer solstice.

While it was known that auroras occur on other planets, they were never as bright as the one captured by Hubble. It is theorized that a strong solar wind hit the planet at just the right moment, creating a spectacular show.

The iconic Hubble telescope was launched in 1990, and it still works perfectly, as it was designed to be upgradable in space. Over 5 different missions improved and repaired the telescope, adding new features and correcting any issues that would appear. With proper maintenance, it could last for at least another new decade, giving us more glimpses of outer space.

The image of the nebula was captured by the satellites Advanced Camera for Surveys.


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