According to Russian Reports, The Leak in the Space Station was Caused by Human Error


According to Russian reports, last week the Soyuz transport capsule, docked to the International Space Station, was detected to have a small leak which might have been caused because the spacecraft was not adequately checked before launch. Crewmembers can be brought to the space station only by the Soyuz spacecraft which also stays connected to the orbiting laboratory until it is time to return home.

Details regarding the leak

The leak comes from a hole measuring 2 millimeters (0.08 inches) which lead to minor and temporary depressurization. The cause of the hole is still unknown, but it was patched on the 30th of August successfully. NASA has not confirmed any detail yet.

The head of Roscosmos (a Russian space agency), Dimitry Rogozin, blamed human error that might have taken place before the launch that took place in June to be the cause of Soyuz Capsule’s leak, according to a Russian news agency, TASS.  Ms. Rogozin said that all theories are considered except the meteorite impact as the hull of the spaceship looks to be impacted from the inside.

Rogozin suggests an investigation in order to honor the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation and let it decide who or what should be blamed for this accident or possible spoilage which happened either in space or on Earth. All this information was stated to TASS.

Theories and theories

If the drilling theory ends up to be true, it means that a spoilage took place on Earth as it is not an easy task to drill a hole in microgravity environments. Considering this, it means that the damage occurred either during the pre-launch testing or when the capsule was being manufactured.

According to NASA, all astronauts traveling with Soyuz were never at risk, and the spacecraft will no longer be used.


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