According to Recent Studies, Vitamin D Supplements are Not as Helpful as People Think


Every time we experience a health issue, doctors advice us to complete the medical treatment with vitamin supplements. As a result, more and more people turn to this alternative method, without knowing that, in some cases, their efforts are useless.

A recent study shows that there’s no use in using vitamin D supplements

A report recently published by CNN stated that people should think twice before using several types of supplements. To be more precise, let’s take vitamin D as an example. As we know, it’s most commonly used by those who experience bone health issues.
However, the previously mentioned study, which was conducted on over 53,000 people, demonstrated that supplements containing this vitamin are useless when it comes to preventing bone breaks and other problems associated with them.

Dr. Mark J. Bolland, leading author of the study and staff member of the University of Auckland, declared that the meta-analysis performed during the study showed that vitamin D is not effective in preventing bone fractures or other falls. Also, the compound doesn’t even improve the bone’s mineral density, although it’s currently prescribed for this particular problem, especially to seniors.

In this case, they should change medical guidelines with ones that reflect the recent findings. This measure is necessary in order to make sure that all patients make informed and correct decisions regarding the supplement administration.

What you should know about vitamin D

When it comes to medical importance, people should know that this compound contributes to regulating the calcium and phosphate levels from the human bodies. We can get the best and most effective part of vitamin D through sunlight exposure. So far, health experts recommended patients to take supplements based on this vitamin for several reasons, among which the need to have the necessary intake during cold seasons, like fall and winter.

On the other hand, some experts don’t think that vitamin D supplements are totally useless. This treatment could work in rare cases, like rickets and osteomalacia (bone softening caused by the severe vitamin D deficiency). Also, it is a good way to improve the vitamin D levels when they are very low, thus preventing other health issues.


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