According to NASA Scientists – There will be no Collision Between the Earth and planet Nibiru


Many people think that Nibiru is a planet in the outskirts of our solar system. The alarming fact connected to it is that conspiracy theorists say that at a certain moment it will hit the Earth and destroy humanity.

The event was supposed to happen in 2011 or 2012, but if we are still here, it is obvious that people who talk about this collision are wrong. According to David Morrison, NASA astronomer and researcher, the impending collision is an actual example of how fake news can impact the society.

It seems that people who believe this theory are watching too many deceiving videos and visiting unreliable websites. As a result, they would rather embrace the doomsday theory than asking some professionals and trying to understand the situation better, people.

According to Morrison’s information, 2 million websites talk about the impending collision between Nibiru and Earth. Unfortunately, discussing this subject is not the best idea because many youngsters panic under the idea that the world is ending, so they even end up thinking about suicide.

Every day, Morrison receives around 5 e-mails asking the same thing: when will the collision happen? Another concern is related to the fact that those who want to take their lives because of the imminent collision are very young (around 11).

The idea that a mysterious planet and the Earth will collide and there will be no trace of life left on our planet appeared in 1995. Since then, no evidence was found to support the theory, because it has been proven that Nibiru doesn’t even exist. Also, there is no other big planet in our outer solar system.

Scientists have reached the conclusion that the only base for an allegedly doomsday is the idea promoted by the Mayan calendar – 2012 means the end of the world. Morrison advised people interested in astronomy to look for information in media news and don’t panic because of something they read online. He mentioned that parents should be more careful and watch what their children look for and read online, because there are so many frauds out there and kids can be deceived easily.


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    It was renamed the “Evangelical 200” in 1999 to focus on demographic target,

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