A Study Shows that Plastic Waste Slowly Pollutes the Air as it Degrades


Every day, more and more plastic waste is released all over the planet. It’s no wonder, since many of our activities contain at least one object made from this material. Even when you are talking about car components, shopping bags, toys and other must-haves around the house we know that these objects will eventually end up polluting the environment.

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa shows that, when they are left in the sun, plastic components release greenhouse gases into the air while decomposing. This means that, because of our reckless behavior, methane and ethylene gases get into the air we breath, turning it into a slow poison and contributing to climate changes.

The discovery is bad news for us

Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer, a Canadian researcher from the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology declared that the recent discovery is very sad. Appart from the fact that it says a lot about people and the care they give to natural resources, it also shows how degraded nature is. If things keep following this trend, soon we won’t have any food or water left.

According to the scientist, plastic waste might have a greater negative impact than they anticipated and this could accelerate the climate change process.

The study’s results could be used for eliminating the greenhouse gas emission problems

All scientists involved in the study about plastic waste agreed that the recent findings are useful for fighting the greenhouse effect. Of course, you cannot prevent something until you know what you are facing. In this particular case, the more they know about pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the more successful their actions for stopping them will be.

The next step is to see how they can use the study’s results for reducing pollution, the effects of climate changes and greenhouse gas emissions.


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