A Soon to be Released Satellite will Measure the Global Winds


On Tuesday a new satellite will be hoisted into the orbit. This new satellite has such a design that it will be able to measure out planet’s global wind patterns. This will take place in French Guiana on the Arianespace launch site.

ESA or the European Space Agency has named the mission after the wind guardian in Greek mythology, Aeolus. This mission aims to improve people’s understanding of climate change made by man and short-term weather forecasting.

Why is this mission taking place?

According to ESA’s statement, meteorologists have an urgent need for reliable wind-profile data in order to improve accuracy.

There are almost no direct observations for the tropical winds, so they are poorly mapped changing the accuracy of the forecasts.

How is it going to work?

As soon as Aeolus touches the orbit, it will start retrieving data from areas of the planet including the remote regions that have a lack of ground-based weather stations.

The satellite will be equipped with a 1.5 meters (five feet) telescope, a Doppler wind lidar, and an ultra-sensitive receiver.

The powerful, short pulses of laser light will be transmitted by the Doppler lidar toward the Earth in the ultraviolet spectrum. The transceiver will receive back some dust, gases and moisture, particles in the air and it will record and collect them.

The direction of the wind, the distance, and the speed will be revealed by the backscattered signal delay between it and the outgoing pulse.

A ground station in Svalbard, Norway will have data downloaded once per orbit.

ESA’s Aeolus mission will be the fifth one. Its other purposes include the measure of the geomagnetic and gravity fields, the ocean salinity, the soil moisture, and cryosphere.

We can’t wait to get more accurate forecasts.


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