A Particular Area is Suffering from Both War and an Ebola Outbreak


The Democratic Republic of Congo is going through a tough time, to say the least. After just one week of declaring an end to an Ebola crisis on one side of the country, the other side started to have its own outbreak. To make matters worse, that area is also a war zone.

Another blow comes from the vaccine. Although it worked a week ago, the virus that currently wreaks havoc may be of a different strain, making the previous vaccine completely useless. Since the middle of July there were reported at least 20 deaths and the blood samples took from survivors showed clear indications of Ebola.

If you remember, back in 2015 this virus spread all over the region of West Africa, causing fevers and fatal hemorrhaging and it could spiral out of control once again if certain measures aren’t taken. The North Kivu Province, the area affected right now by Ebola is filled with security complications which restrict the actions of medical workers as well as their access in the area.

This region is notorious for the government forces fighting the rebel groups. Just last year, 15 peacekeepers sent by the United Nations were killed in an attack. Because of this conflict over one million people were forced to leave their homes behind and the fact that the borders with Uganda and Rwanda aren’t secure adds more to the present danger.

All those people on the move make for a great complication in dealing with Ebola and together with the conflict present in the area makes the effort of fighting the virus even bigger. Still working on finding the right vaccine, the officials have to find means of reaching the area without risking their lives. Let us hope that they succeed.


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