A New Theory Claims that Aliens will use Lasers in Order to Contact Us


The existence of aliens is one of the most controversial subjects. Many researchers believe that alien life could be found somewhere in the universe but the vast majority of theories that try to answer the mystery of alien existence will be quickly disproven by the scientific community.

A researcher has released a brave new theory that may change our perspective on the contact between humanity and alien beings. The researcher claims that the aliens were unable to contact us until now because their exoplanets are surrounded by a high-density gravity field.

The gravitational field is so strong that the alien ships are unable to leave the surface of the planet, effectively cutting out the potential of visits from other civilizations. The theory is based on the existence of Super Earths. Hundreds of Super Earths can be found beyond the limits of solar system and Dr. Michael Hippke believes that alien life could be found on some of theme. This opinion is shared by a large percent of the scientific community. It is thought that advanced forms of life could be found on at least some of the Super Earths.

The gravitational pull generated by these planets would require a huge amount of fuel in order to escape it and achieve a successful launch into space. A rocket that attempts to pass through the atmosphere of a Super Earth would need 440,000 tons on fuel, on par with the mass of the Great Pyramid that can be found in Egypt. Most of these exoplanets are bigger than Earth and their mass is several times larger in comparison to the one of our planet. This means that reaching space from these planets is a task that would be very hard to achieve with the technology that is currently available on Earth.

It is likely that the aliens will use advanced laser beams in order to contact us from the remote corners of the universe.


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