A New Species of Dinosaurs was Discovered in South America


New discovery was made by a team of Spanish and Argentineans paleontologists. They dug in Neuquen in the centre of the South American country and found an adult and two juveniles of new species that live 110 million years ago in Argentina.

The team of scientists names the new discovery, Lavocatisaurus agrioensi. It is from the herbivorous group of dinosaurs known as sauropods. The adult remains were 12 meters in length and the two young ones, were both between six and seven meters long. The most impressive part of this discovery is, as Jose Luis Carballido reported, that the skull of the dinosaurs is almost complete.

“We found most of the cranial bones: the snout, the jaws, a lot of teeth, also the bones that define the eye sockets for example and, in that way, we were able to create an almost complete reconstruction,” Jose Luis Carballido, a researcher at the Egidio Feruglio museum reported.

Researchers from Zaragoza University and the National University of La Matanza believe that this group of sauropods moved around and got to an arid environment, with less vegetation, humidity and water and would have died together as well. This theory might be valid since the remains were found in a place where no paleontologist would ever believe to discover something.

The discovery took place in Neuquen in the centre of the South American country which was a desert before, with limited resources for herbivores.

The sauropods group have an enormous size, with a weighed of around 40 tons. They are estimated to be the largest animals to have ever stepped on the planet Earth. The Argentinosaurus, thought to be the heaviest with a weighed of more than 80 tons.


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