A New Galaxy with No Dark Matter was Discovered by Scientists


Dark matter is very important for space. Researchers believe that the distribution of the galaxies in the universe can be explained with the help of dark matter. However, a new discovery might destroy this assumption.

Astronomers discovered a new galaxy. However, this is not a common one, it is unique because it has no dark matter. This is the first time such a galaxy is discovered and this is definitely an important discovery.

New information about dark matter

This galaxy will definitely lead to some new studies on dark matter. The galaxy is known as object GC1052-DF2 and it was discovered with the Dragonfly Telephoto Array. The mass distribution of the galaxy was discovered using 10 bright start clusters.

Scientists discovered that this galaxy has roughly the same size as the Milky Way and it also has 200 times fewer stars than our galaxy has. For a regular galaxy this would mean that there should be 400 times more dark matter.

“It tells us something about dark matter that we didn’t know, namely that it is separable from galaxies. Wherever we saw a galaxy before, we also saw dark matter. This suggested a direct coupling of where the dark matter is and where the galaxies are. The whole scaffolding upon which the structure in the universe is built is essentially dark matter. The galaxies are the froth that floats on this sea of dark matter,” declared Professor Pieter van Dokkum from Yale University.

There are many new questions that scientists must answer. It is important to discover why this galaxy has no dark matter what exactly is the role of dark matter. Scientists also want to find out whether this galaxy is something unusual, or if there are many other galaxies that are similar with this one.


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