A New Discovery Could be a Sign of Extraterrestrial Life


Hawaii is usually associated with relaxing vacations, sunny beaches, and cool bikini parties. Who could think that this exotic place would be the scene of outstanding discoveries? You read it well! The story goes back to last year.

In October 2017, scientists spotted Oumuamua, the first interstellar object that entered our Solar System. The item was noticed by a survey telescope from Hawaii. Even if similar events happened in the past, we couldn’t have spotted them from Earth. When they observed the unusual object, scientists started to build different theories around it.

The strange discovery could indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life forms

Its features and the fact that it suddenly appeared made some experts consider that Oumuamua might have been sent by living organisms from the outside of our Solar System. If this is the case, scientists could be heading towards finding the answers for many questions. This could be the first sign of extraterrestrial life ever discovered.

A study published this week in the Astronomical Journal reveals more information about this strange object. The paper presents the findings of staff members from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. After a lot of research, astronomers know more about Oumuamua’s shape and size.

It looks like the ”extraterrestrial object” has an elliptical shape, just like a cigar. Also, it is around 400 feet long and 40 feet wide. These calculations are mostly based on approximation because of Oumuamua’s brightness changes as the item spin.

Now, the unusual element is drifting away from our solar system. The farther it gets, the harder it is to study the object. However, technology is evolving fast and scientists could notice other similar objects in the following years.

The theory which claims that Oumuamua is a sign of extraterrestrial existence is not encouraged by researchers who are trying to learn more about Hawaii’s survey telescope discovery. They say that this possibility is highly unlikely, but they don’t want to rule any idea out yet.


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