A NASA Astronaut Believes He Saw an Alien-like Creature While in Space


Leland Melvin, a former NASA astronaut claims that, while being on his space shuttle in space, he observed an organic object that resembled an alien. This happened while he was on the Atlantis space shuttle and he took a look at the payload bay. Something ‘curved and organic’ was floating there, apparently.

What did NASA say about this?

According to Fox News, the astronaut reported back to NASA what he believed he saw but the space agency insisted that what he saw was not an alien, instead he more than likely observed a piece of ice.

The reason why Melvin came forward with this story is that the Twitter account called ‘UFO Sightings Daily’ asked him about his thoughts on alien life or if he ever observed a UFO. He answered that he didn’t see one in space or on Earth, except of that organic object by the payload bay.

When he and another colleague (with the twitter handle @AstroKomrade) observed that unknown mass, they contacted the ground and asked what they have seen. The answer was that Freon hoses let out some liquid that froze in that weird, organic-like shape.

Houston we have a problem

Melvin apparently said the standard saying ‘Houston we have a problem’ but he felt that would’ve raised questions if it were said from a spaceship so he postponed it. It is still unclear what Leland Melvin saw that time on the Atlantis space shuttle. He has degrees in Materials Science Engineering and Chemistry and he believes what NASA explained.

However, there are plenty of people online that believe the contrary, perhaps because they are so eager to come across alien life. Fox launched a request for comment to NASA that is still pending.


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