A Meteor Lit Up The Sky in China on Friday Evening, Passing With a Thundering Noise


A huge meteorite lit up the sky as it grazed Earth’s atmosphere over southwest China. It passed on Friday evening, shocking the residents of Yunnan with the fiery glow and the thundering noise.

The ball of fire glowed like a UFO, leaving a flame trail, and cutting through the night before it disappeared a few seconds later.

According to experts, the bright meteor is called a bolide. It was so bright because it entered the earth’s atmosphere, causing intense friction and catching fire.

A Thundering Ball Of Fire Lighting the Sky Over Xishuangbanna

Yunnan residents were shocked to see the bright light cut through the dark sky. Someone caught the meteorite on camera, showing the moment before the meteorite appeared. The sky is dark, and in an instant, it gets bright – almost like daylight. Then, something fiery passes by the sky and lights up Xishuangbanna.

It all happened at almost 9.40pm. The cameraman that caught the amazing event shouted in Chinese:

“Oh, what the hell is this?”

Right after asking the question, the meteor passes and leaves the crowd in shock.

People on the streets of Xishuangbanna were amazed, saying that the “flaming ball” also made a thunder-like noise as the meteor passed over them.

At the moment, nobody knows if the meteor crashed on Earth or it burned up as it entered the atmosphere. Experts are still searching the crash site, hoping to find pieces of the space rock.

The meteor passed only a few days after the Lyrid meteor shower brought its annual ‘light event.’

NASA closely monitors meteors and asteroids. These celestial rocks are common, passing each year by our plat at huge speeds.

A month earlier, a huge space rock – as big as the Statue of Liberty, called Asteroid 2010 WC9, passed by Earth at a speed of 28,000mph. However, scientists and astronomers knew about it and prepared to capture it on cameras. They even had a live stream on social media!


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