A Measles Quarantine Affects Two Los Angeles Universities


More than two hundred students from two Los Angeles universities have been exposed to measles. The problem is that no information about them being vaccinated or immune can be verified. The issue is worrying because the number of measles cases has hit a 25-year high nationwide in the University of California and Cal State University. But what can measles do? Let’s find out!


We are talking about a highly contagious infectious disease that the measles virus causes it. You will see the symptoms after 10-12 days after exposure to someone infected, and it will last 7-10 days. The first and usually symptoms are fever over 40° C, cough, inflamed eyes, and runny nose. Another visible sign is the red, flat rash that will appear on the face, and then it will spread to the rest of the body. The red rash will appear after three or five days since the start of the initial symptoms. Also, cases of diarrhea may appear. Measles spreads through the air when the infected person is coughing or sneezing, or through saliva and nasal secretions.

However, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, the country’s Public Health Department Director, one person with the infection can expose thousands of people to measles. The orders for the ones affected are to stay at home, avoid contact with other people and notify the authorities.  The quarantines have been put by Los Angeles Country Public Health Officials from 24 hours to 48 hours until the immunity of the person is proven. Unfortunately, some people will need to stay in quarantine even for a week.

To sum up, the United States has in the present the higher level of measles from the last 25 years. More than 700 cases occurred due to the misinformation that is turning parents against vaccines. New York is the most affected city; more than three-quarters of this year’s infections are located there.


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