A Gigantic Freshwater Reservoir Is Hiding Beneath the Atlantic Ocean


A new study is revealing a gigantic freshwater reservoir discovered beneath the Atlantic Ocean, from Massachusetts to New Jersey. After a multi-year survey of the sub-seafloor of the U.S Northeast coast, scientists from the Colombia University discovered it. The study appears in the journal Scientific Reports, and it says that the reservoir stretches from Massachusetts to New Jersey, and 50 miles more or less to the edge of the continental shelf.

The Study

The researchers say that if the reservoir were on the surface, we would be having a lake covering 15.000 square miles. From the data gathered during the study, they have some measurements. The aquifer system is 350 km of the U.S Atlantic coast, and it has around 2.800 km³ of groundwater with low-salinity. The aquifer gets trapped in porous sediments from beneath the ocean, and because of this, they founded it.

However, for discovering it, innovative measurement of electromagnetic waves has been used for mapping the water. They even dropped to the seafloor for measuring electromagnetic fields from below, and at the same time, the degree of the solar winds and lightning strikes are resonating with them. Another procedure was to use an apparatus behind the ship, helping them to emit artificial electromagnetic pulses for recording responses from the sub-seafloor.

Besides this, they used the salt water as a conductor of electromagnetic waves, because the freshwater is staying on low conductance. The analyses allowed researchers to see that the freshwater sediments are spanning New Jersey and Massachusetts, and even to the Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. The lead author of the study, Chloe Gustafson, who works at the Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, says that they knew all the time that freshwater exists in isolated places, but they don’t know to which extent.

To sum up, thanks to this discovery, new aquifers can be found in other places of the world and could be a great source of water in areas with danger of running out. If the references were to be found, the water needs desalination for use.


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