A Connection Between Raw Chicken and Salmonella Outbreaks Unveiled


Following numerous outbreaks of Salmonella in Canada, the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health released a statement in which they advise the citizens how to handle raw chicken in order to avoid contacting this dangerous bacterium. According to a recent research, consuming raw chicken, including frozen breaded chicken foods, such as chicken burgers, chicken nuggets or chicken stripes, poses a great risk of getting infected with Salmonella.

How to minimize the risk of Salmonella infection while preparing raw chicken?

There were 419 confirmed cases of Salmonella infection until September 13th 2018, according to the health officials. During their investigation, the Government of Canada scientists found the link between the Salmonella outbreaks and consuming raw chicken that was not fully prepared. As it was unveiled in the investigation process, frozen breaded chicken products were responsible for a significant number of cases. That’s why it is extremely important to follow cooking instructions, as well as to pay close attention to the internal temperature of the meat after cooking. The recommended internal temperature for raw chicken and breaded chicken products is at least 74 degrees Celsius, while it has to reach at least 82 degrees Celsius in case of a whole chicken.

Other recommended practices

You might further reduce the risk that salmonella poses, by:

  • avoiding preparing frozen raw chicken products in a microwave;
  • washing hands thoroughly with soap before and after handling raw chicken;
  • using separate plates and cutting boards for raw chicken, after which they should be carefully washed;
  • not rinsing raw chicken before using it;
  • avoiding a direct contact between raw chicken and other food products while shopping or storing;

As foods contaminated with salmonella usually smell, look and taste normally, it is important to always be very careful while handling frozen raw chicken products.


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