A 12-Year-Old Boy Will Start Classes For a Degree in Biomedical Physics


You might want to say that this student is a genius to be admitted to Mexico’s National Autonomous University at such a young age, but he doesn’t want to be called a genius.

Carlos Santamaria Diaz is only 12 years old and he will be the youngest student that was ever admitted at that University. He is ready to begin classes on Monday and he will study to get an undergraduate degree in biomedical physics.

“I don’t like to use that word,” he said when a reporter called him a “genius.”

Carlos had to pass an entrance exam, which he did. Moreover, he already worked at the school of chemistry genetics’ sciences centre, preparing for the next challenges.

When he was younger, he got bored at public school and then learned calculus and physics from the internet. At nine years old, he was already part of the programs at the university, focusing on analytical chemistry, biochemistry and biology.

In the interview, Carlos spoke passionately about cures to rare diseases, showing that he was a confident college student. His mother is very proud of him, like any other mom would be.

“Take Care of the Country…”

The young student also has some advice for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s President-elect, saying that he should not “make the same mistakes as the previous presidents,” and that politicians must “take care of the country like they take care of themselves.”

Carlos also explains that Mexico has a people with big dreams, but no opportunities:

“This a country filled with people who have dreams and at the same don’t have any dreams because they don’t have any opportunities.”

Although being very young to be a student, the university said that Carlos will not have benefits or special privileges, and that he will be treated like the other students.


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