86 People Died From the Flu in Alberta


You would not expect to hear that in our day and age people could die from something as simple as the flu. However, that seems to be the case in Alberta. Here, in the past five months, 86 people that suffered from the flu died in the last five months. Yes, when taking into account the time span and the number of people, it does not seem that alarming but this is actually one of the deadliest flu seasons that have been recorded in Alberta.

Has this happened before?

This is not as worse as it could get. Back in 2014 there 103 deaths recorded in Alberta, the highest number ever recorded in this province ever since it started having reliable statistics 20 years ago.  The second deadliest flu season took place between 1998 and 1999 when 82 people died.

Out of the deaths that have been recorded this season, in Calgary 30 people have died, in the north zone 10 people have died, in Edmonton and other central zones 20 people died in every one of them and, last but not least, 6 people have died in the south zone.

If you were wondering how many people got the flu, the Alberta Health Service statistics show that around 2,800 Albertans caught this virus. When it comes to the staff of these hospitals, around 55 percent of them got the flu shot so that they would not carry the virus as well.

With these many deaths, you would think that the provincial budget would invest more in purchasing flu shots for everyone. Well, they increased the budget for the purchase of all types of vaccines to 63.5 million dollars. We will have to see how much of this sum will be given to buying more flu shots so that each person will be covered and the number of deaths would be smaller.


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