4 Must-Know Home Elevator Safety Tips


Home elevators are an improvement to your property, making your life easier and also adding value to your property. But as with all large equipment, you must take several precautions. Here are the most important safety tips to follow and avoid accidents or injuries.

The Installation Process Is Essential

The most important tip when it comes to home elevators starts with the installation. Make sure that the elevator company is experienced and offers high-quality products and services. Call the Canadian home elevator specialist and ask about their offers. Most of the times, the company will do both the preparation work and the installation.

Full-time Support and Communication

The elevator company must offer full-time support to contact whenever you need help. Make sure you install a phone in the home elevator to call for help if, for example, the elevator stops between floors.

If you hear strange squeaking noises from the elevator, do not use it! Call a repair technician to see what needs to be repaired. These problems are severe and must be dealt with right away. Also, remember that the elevator contractor should give you a regular maintenance schedule. Elevator maintenance should be done about once a year.

Do Not Forget About The Weight Measurements

It is essential to remember the weight limit of the elevator, especially when you want to move something heavier or more people want to accompany you on the elevator. Home elevators are smaller than public elevators and have lower weight limits. If you ignore them, it can damage the elevator and become a safety hazard.

Do Not Use the Elevator If There Is a Fire

During emergencies, we all tend to search for the most accessible escape routes, but let’s not forget that the elevator is not a good choice during a fire! The fire could cause the elevator to malfunction and melt the wiring and the telephone line from inside the elevator, leaving you unable to call for help.

Improve your life with a home elevator!

Most of these safety tips are easy to follow, as they mostly rely on common sense and care.

Among the essential tips above, we should also mention that children must be taught the home elevator is not a toy and to use it responsibly. Adults must accompany small children and be taught not to rush into or out of an elevator, to stay away from the door and hold onto the handrail.

Having a home elevator is perfect for family members with disabilities or seniors. They’re an excellent choice for large homes as well. Learn more about home elevators from your local elevator specialist.


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