13-Year-Old Boy Spends Over 12 Hours in Sewage Pipes After Falling Into Drain Pipe


A young boy was unfortunate enough to fall down a drain pipe and spend over 12 hours until authorities found him. According to the officials, Jesse Hernandez is alive and well, despite spending so much time in that toxic environment.

Captain Erik Scott with the Los Angeles Fire Department gave a statement in a news conference at 5:30 a.m. Monday:

“It’s with happy hearts that all Los Angeles City agencies are able to state that we have found Jesse Hernandez.”

Firefighters, Park Rangers, Helicopters Searching for Jesse Hernandez

It took more than 12 hours for over 100 firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department, park rangers and several helicopters to find the boy. Jesse fell almost 25 feet into a pipe with a diameter of 4 feet. He was playing with other boys on top of it, in Griffith Park on Sunday.

Sgt. Bruno La Hoz with the Los Angeles Police said, according to the family, that the boy was playing with other 4-6 boys at 4:30 p.m. when he fell through a “wooden plank” which gave in and that is when he fell through it. The search for Jesse immediately started, but because the sewage system is huge and like a maze with miles of enclosed pipes, some reaching toward the LA River and further away.

The search teams found the boy a mile east of the place where he was reported missing. They started opening maintenance hatches to add cameras in case they film something, when close to them, they “located Jesse Hernandez alive and talking”.

After he got taken out of the pipe, he received a phone to call his parents who were relieved to hear their child was alive and safe. “As you can imagine, we’re overwhelmed with joy,” said the LAFD Capt. Erik Scott.

He also said that Jesse received medical aid and was soon taken to a local hospital.


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