The Montreal woman killed in Edmonton was under the influence of a pimp


The 29-year-old Montrealer who was murdered by strangulation five days ago in Edmonton was in the grip of a pimp.

According to the information obtained by Advocator, Valérie Maurice regularly went outside Quebec, particularly in Alberta, to see clients. That was the case last Tuesday.

She was in the company of a couple in an Edmonton apartment where the drama was played out. The couple then fled.

The owner of the 88th Avenue apartment have made the gruesome discovery.

Friends of the victim, mostly women in the Montreal area, are particularly concerned. They claim that the pimp is a Montreal man who often accompanied Valerie on her trips and that important witnesses hold information about this sordid affair.

These people say they are ready to communicate what they know to the authorities, but when they approached the Montreal Police Department, they were told that nothing could be done, since the held in Alberta.

These women, who fear for their own safety, have also tried to reach the Edmonton police authorities, but have so far stumbled on vocal boxes.

According to them, the pimp is in Montreal and could attack them or their families.
Valerie Mauritius was to celebrate this weekend’s 30 th birthday.


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