Sarah Mullally Named New Bishop Of London


Sarah Mullally named new Bishop of London

Sarah Mullally will make history early next year when she becomes the first woman in history to be anointed as the Bishop of London.

She will become the 133rd Bishop in London’s history, and will as a result automatically take a seat in the House of Lords.

Mullally, 55, who received her damehood back in 2005 will succeed the Rt Rev Richard Chartes after the Queen approved her nomination to the third highest position in the British Church, behind that of Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Mullally, who only joined the episcopate in 2015 will be taking over a role that has been for years, reserved for men, in a move that will surely be quite upsetting to traditional Catholics who view the position as belonging to a man, not a woman.

Mullally looks forward to her new role

Mullally, speaking at a press conference at St Paul’s Cathedral stated that she was “delighted and slightly terrified” of her new role.

“It is a great honour to be nominated to the see of London. Having lived and worked in London for over 32 years, the thought of returning here is about returning home,” she said.

In her past career, Mullally worked as a nurse, and was quick to climb the ranks to the top, becoming the government’s top nurse and advising then Prime Minister Tony Blair on NHS policy.

Her first order of business has been to call for a more diverse line-up of leaders across Britain’s churches.

“If our churches are to be more relevant to our community, this means that we need churches that are led by priests who are women, who come from black, Asian, and ethnic minority groups,” she said. “To have churches that are confident, we need local ministers and priests who are enabled to be the best
that they are. London could be that gift to the rest of the Church of England to demonstrate how unity can work.”

“My belief is that Church diversity throughout London should flourish and grow; everybody should be able to find a spiritual home; and that those who minister should be able to do so to the best of her ability.”

“London is a very diverse city and I would hope that everybody can find a spiritual home and a place where they can encounter the love of Jesus Christ that I have come to know.”

The mayor of London took to Twitter to congratulate Mullally: “Congratulations to Sarah Mullally, the new Bishop of London – an incredible public servant, a great Londoner, and the first woman to take on this role.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, tweeted: “Wonderful news – Bishop Sarah brings to this remarkable ministry in this great city an extraordinary experience and profound gifts, which are guided by her faith in Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of all that she is.”


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