Students Not Able To Pay For Tuition With Credit Card


UQTR students can no longer pay their tuition fees by credit card. Several had the nasty surprise of learning it on the day of the re-entry.

This method of payment was previously accepted, but it is no longer the case. The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) made this decision for monetary reasons.

The measure would save hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even up to half a million dollars, according to the UQTR, saving on fees charged by credit card companies.

It saves us substantial costs, we are in a period when we have budgets to balance, so that is one of the options that have been favored.

Jean-François Hinse, Head of Media Relations at UQTR

The debit card, check, cash or bank deposit are now the modes that can be used. Those who paid before September 5 were able to use the credit card.

Disadvantages for students

The UQTR says that a note was transmitted to students via the Internet, on the student portal in August, but many were unaware. The decision has also made a lot of reaction in the different Facebook groups of students.

The General Association of Students of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (AGE UQTR) are angry that the measure was not announced earlier to the students, since the decision was officially taken last April, when the budget was adopted.

The impossibility of paying by credit card causes disadvantages to students. Some relied on this method of payment, which created a financial headache for them.

Others also deplore the fact that they can not benefit from the advantages offered by financial institutions when they use credit cards, a measure that gives a good boost to several students.

UQTR indicates that other universities in Quebec and several other proncies have already implemented this measure.

Approximately 15,000 students are enrolled for the fall semester 2017.


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