More Than Two Dozen Women Die While Fleeing Libya


In horrific news out of Italy it is being reported that more than two dozen women have been found, dead at sea after a shipwreck off the coast of Libya a few days ago.

Officials are currently trying to determine how the women actually died, and are unsure if they were purposely killed, or died when their boat wrecked at sea.

Libya is the most popular country when it comes to African migrants looking to flee the country, and has been ever since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi’s regime.

The bodies of the women, all of whom between 14 and 18 years of age, were found by a Spanish ship ‘Cantabria’ and officials speculate that they were migrants trying to escape Libya.

The ship in question, did manage to save 90 women and more than 50 children, including a newborn baby.

The voyage from Libya to Europe, is a very dangerous voyage as ships have to cross the Mediterranean which can be very rough at this time of year.

According to the International Organization for Migration, this year alone more than 150,000 migrants from Libya have successfully made the voyage, and since 2014, more than 400,000 have made the trip across.


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