Jacqueline Kent Cooke Accused of Hate Crime


Jacqueline Kent Cooke accused of hate crime

It is being reported that the daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, Jacqueline Kent Cooke is being investigated by police for a potential hate crime following an incident on New Year’s Eve in Manhattan.

The 29 year old NFL heiress got into an altercation inside an Upper East Side restaurant last Sunday, and reportedly told a woman to “hurry up Jew” before attacking a man she was with swinging at him with her purse and cutting his face in the process.

She is subsequently facing a felony charge of making anti-Semitic remarks and a possible hate crime charge as well.

According to Cooke, she was defending herself as she has claimed that she was confronted outside the restaurant, not the other way round.

My client is innocent

“To begin with, my client never made the comment, never made the slur she was accused of making,” said Cooke’s lawyer Rebecca Phipps.

Cooke is alleged to have broken a finger during the altercation and has subsequently filed a cross-complaint against the man she is alleged to have attacked, California lawyer Matthew Haberkorn.

She used anti-Semitic remarks

According to Haberkorn, after finishing up a meal at the restaurant, he and his wife and mother were gathering up their belongings when Cooke uttered the hateful remark.

“What did you say?” Haberkorn’s wife, Linda Thomas, asked.

“Hurry up, Jew. I got places to be,” Cooke allegedly repeated.

“We all got places to be,” Thomas said she shot back. “You know what? I take total offense at that. You’re small-minded.”

“I walked up to her and asked her why she said that,” Haberkorn recalled. “She took her purse, which was a mirrored glass purse, and smashed me with it.”

Cooke’s publich defender has denied the version of events told by Haberkorn.

“After (Haberkorn) and his wife heard what she thought she heard, they started screaming and yelling at my client,” Phipps said. “He was the one who made the first physical contact.”

Judge Judy Kim released Cooke on Thursday on her own recognizance and set a follow-up court date of February 15.

“The people are investigating this case as a possible hate crime,” Assistant District Attorney Jorge Deossa said.

“She hit him with her purse made of glass,” Deossa added.

Making this version of Cooke’s story more suspect, is her claim that she was not even outside of her apartment on New Year’s Eve.

“There’s nothing that happened on New Year’s Eve,” she told The New York Daily News. “I was here in my apartment.”


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