Family Apologizes for Hijab Cutting Story


Toronto family apologizes for hijab cutting story

Telling people that a man tried to cut off your hijab as you were walking to school, when in actual fact nothing of the sort happened is a good way to land yourself and your family in a sticky situation.

This is exactly what an 11-year-old girl recently did, prompting outcry on social media and floods of messages of support for the Toronto family from concerned citizens and even some of our more recognizable figures including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

The girl even detailed her attack during an actual news conference, so it was very easy to believe her story.

According to police, on Friday the 11-year-old girl stated that she was walking to school with her brother when a man tried on multiple occasions to cut her hijab.

Attack did not happen

Well it appears that all that concern was over nothing as according to police, the attack just did not happen.

“After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described in the original news release did not happen,” police said.

Toronto family apologizes

The family has since released a statement apologizing for the fabricated story.

“We are deeply sorry for the pain and anger that our family has caused in the past several days,” the statement reads.

“When our young daughter told the school that she was attacked by a stranger, the school reacted with compassion and support as did the police.

“When we arrived at the school on Friday, we were informed what happened and assumed it to be true, just like everyone else.

“We only went public because we were horrified that there was such a perpetrator who may try to harm someone else.”

“We want to thank everyone who has shown us support at this difficult time. Again, we are deeply sorry for this and want to express our sincere apologies to every Canadian.”

Police have stated that they will not be pressing charges, and a spokesman stated that this false accusation will hopefully not discourage others from coming forward in the future.


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