Andrew Cuomo: Domestic Abusers Should Not Own Guns


New York guns need to be taken away from domestic abusers, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo

When it comes to guns in the United States it seems like there is not a week that goes by when they are not the focal point of a news story, and most of these stories are bad but this one may end up actually doing some good.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is an American who actually believes that not every U.S. citizen should have the right to carry a gun around, as he has proposed banning anybody in New York from owning a gun who has been convicted of domestic violance.

Cuomo says he will include his proposal in next month’s State of the State address.

If his proposal actually is excepted, anybody convicted of a domestic crime, even if it was a misdemeanor would have their weapons taken away from them.

Gun violence is an especially serious issue for Cuomo who actually lost a member of his own staff to gun violence.

Last year, there were 25 domestic homicides reported in New York State where a firearm was used.

According to Cuomo, the majority of mass shootings in the United States are carried out by men who have a violent past, when it comes to violence against women or threatening violence against women.

Many American Massacres carried out by gunmen with violent backgrounds

“In nine of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in United States history, including Las Vegas . . . the shooter had an existing record of committing violence against women, threatening violence against women or harassing or disparaging women,” the governor said.

Taking to Twitter he stated: “Given the inextricable link between domestic violence and lethal gun violence, this legislation will require all domestic violence crime convictions, including misdemeanors, to result in the immediate removal of all firearms.”

“This year will be remembered as the year of reckoning, when both the tragedy of mass shootings and cultural and institutional harassment of women became impossible to ignore.

Let’s make New York a safer state for all.”

If people with a violent history were not allowed to own a firearm, Devin Kelley, the man who walked into a Sutherland Texas church nearly two months ago and opened fire during morning service would not have had access to the weapons he had in his possession.

Kelly had been booted out of the Airforce after he was convicted on charges of domestic violence against his x-wife and their child.

State Sen. Brad Hoylman is in favor of taking guns away from violent men

“Had there been a legal mechanism to take away his weapons, Sunday’s shooting may have been avoided,” stated State Sen. Brad Hoylman. “Thoughts and prayer are not enough. It’s time for my Senate colleagues to help end the cycle of gun violence by bringing these bills to a vote come January.”

Hoylman has actually introduced two bills that if passed would ban Americans with a known violent history from owning weapons, however both of his bills were shot down.

Cuomo’s proposed legislation comes not long after the Republicans slammed their own bill through the House of Representatives that would make it easier for people with a concealed carry permit to transport their guns across state lines.


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