Advocates For Tighter Gun Control Up In Arms Following Texas Massacre


A Sutherland Springs church goer is being called a hero today after he interveened during a shooting spree during morning service, saving the lives of many in the process.

The man, whose identity has not been released was attending morning church when another man, dressed entirely in black pulled a gun and started shooting.

Pulling his own gun, the church goer returned fire, resulting in the second man dropping his gun and running.

Approaching the church in his truck, Johnnie Langendorff took in the scene in the church parking lot, and when the shooter took off in a pearl-coloured SUV, he along with the church goer gave chase.

“It was more see and do,” Langendorff later told reporters. “Act now, ask questions later.”

Police later located the shooter’s vehicle and found Kelley dead inside. They have not stated whether he took his own life or not.

Upon a search of his vehicle, they located several other weapons in the vehicle.

Despite the church goer’s heroic efforts, 26 people were killed by the shooter, later identified as Devin Patrick Kelley in what is now the fifth most deadliest shooting spree in the United States.

The victims ranged in age from five to 72, and it is believed that as many as eight of them are from the same family.

Not much information has been released about the shooter as of yet, but what we do know, is that he was discharged from the US Airforce back in 2014 after he was court martialed for assaulting his wife and child.

Since the news broke, Langendorff’s Facebook page has been inundated with messages of thanks and support. One reads: “God bless you, Johnnie. You are a true American hero!”


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