Advocates Fight Back: Appeal Quebec Face-Covering Legislation


Controversy is brewing in the province of Quebec as a challenge to the constitution is on the way, over legislation approved last month that makes it manditory for people to uncover their faces when receiving various types of government services.

The Islam faith requires women to cover their faces with a niqab when out in public, thus there is a lot of uproar over the recent passed legislation to make it manditory for them to remove it in certain situations.

According to civil liberty advocates the legislation “directly infringes on the freedom of religion of individuals,” and they intend to appeal.

“Such blatant and unjustified violations of freedom of religion, as well as of the quality guarantees of the Quebec and Canadian charters, have no place in Quebec or Canada,” the plaintiffs argue in a court filing submitted at the Quebec Superior Court this morning.

“These violations cannot be justified in Quebec’s free and democratic society.”

Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée states that people only have to remove head coverings when it is required for security, communication or identification purposes and that she feels certain that the legislation will stand up to any appeal.

She also has made it clear that the legislation doesn’t target any religious group and that the majority of people living in Quebec are in favor.


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