Why Was Edmonton LGBTQ Camp Cancelled?


Bad news for those that wanted to go to the LGBTQ2s+ camp in Edmonton. It has just been cancelled by the University of Alberta. This news was confirmed on Thursday night by Jennifer Tupper, the dean of the Faculty of Education.

She felt the need to say that this project would have looked too similar to Camp fYrefly, an event that takes place in Ontario and Saskatchewan. She also said there were a number of issues with it but she did not want to elaborate on this issue.

Camp fYrefly – what happened

This camp in Edmonton was first started in 2004 by André Grace and Kristopher Wells. It was meant to get LGBT youth to develop interpersonal skills that would help them later on in life. A member of the committee, Damien McAndrews, said this Thursday that the camp has officially been shut down. This committee was also responsible for previous events that took place in this camp.

McAndrews believed that the camp was shut down in order to address the allegations that came up about misogyny and racism. So, it only seemed like the most logical choice. The committee that he was part of began its work in 2016. However, McAndrews said that iSMSS took control of all the functions that the youth committee had, making decisions that even dealt with the selection of the artist that would come to the camp.

However, Jennifer Tupper said that this claim is completely fake since they had the freedom of choice. As of late, Damien McAndrews has said that the committee has officially been disbanded. However, they are interested in creating a camp for LGBTQ2s+ youth at the end of July this year, from the 26th to the 30th of July. Campy fYrefly is going to be in Canmore this year from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July.


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