Sarah Hyland: My Modern Family Character Is Bisexual


According to Sarah Hyland, star actress on ABC’s Modern Family her character on the show is bi-sexual.

She plays Haley Dunphy on the popular sitcom, and stated on Twitter that although she thinks her character could be bisexual, there are no current plans in the script to include this fact on the actual show.

Over the last nine seasons, Dunphy’s love interests have been a popular recurring storyline, but all her partners on the show have been male, for now.

This might be changing soon, as her response to a fan question on Twitter would indicate: “That’s just my personal opinion!”

Fans of the show were quick to respond on Twitter. One wrote: “Yay! Go Sarah! I’m bi and proud.”

“Thank you so much, you’re a real sweetheart (this literally made my day)” another added.

Steve Levitan, show creator has yet to weigh in.


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