MP Tim Wilson Proposes During Parliament Session


tim wilson proposed parliament
tim wilson proposed parliament

When it comes to your views on same sex marriage, what better place to tell the world how you feel than in Parliament!


This is exactly what Australian Liberal MP Tim Wilson did, proposing to his long time partner Ryan Bolger during a debate on same sex marriage.


Earlier this month, Australians overwhelmingly voted in favor of same sex marriage and during the last 2 week session of the year legalizing same sex marriage is at the top of the things to do list for the House of Representatives.


The vote, which more than 80 percent of Australia’s registered voters took part in saw more than 60 percent voting in favor of making gay marriage legal.


The subsequent bill, already past in the Senate, lifts the ban on same sex marriage, and does away with proposed amendments that would offer legal protection to anybody who discriminates against gay couples on religious grounds


“You have had to tolerate more than most because you had to put up with me. … This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship,” Wilson said during the speech, according to a video from a BuzzFeed reporter.


“So there’s only one thing left to do,” Wilson said. “Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me?”


Bolger, who was observing the speech from the gallery of course said yes!


“I should let Hansard note to record that that was a yes – a resounding yes,” deputy speaker Rob Mitchell said. “Congratulations.”


“We must not fail to recognize that there is sincere, heartfelt anxiety about the bill’s impact on religious freedom,” said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.


“That is why I will support several amendments to the bill which will provide that additional reassurance in respect of their fundamental rights and freedoms,” he added.


“We have made sure that we have removed any element of discrimination in this bill while ensuring that religious freedoms are protected,” stated Warren Entsch, a long-term advocate of marriage equality within the conservative government.



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