Bizarre Phenomenon Spotted Under Antarctica Ice

A bizarre phenomenon is taking place under Antarctica’s ice sheets. A recently published study claims that a hot zone which is up to three times bigger than London is located under one... Read more »

Antibiotic Resistance Is A Global Threat Which Must Be Addressed

The flu and cold season is here, and most likely a lot of patients will be going to the doctors seeking prescriptions for antibiotics even if the drugs are useless against these... Read more »

You Can Sequence Your Genome for Free, Then Make Money from It

A company – a startup genetics one – is now offering to classify your entire genome for you, at no cost at all. You will be the one owning the data, and... Read more »

Our Stellar Neighborhood Has A New Icy Resident – A Massive Planet Orbiting Barnard’s Star

Astronomers finally found some evidence that there’s a massive planet that’s orbiting Barnard’s star. The Gaia telescope is the one that spotted a ghost galaxy on the other side of the Milky Way.... Read more »

Juno Captures Impressive Pictures of Jupiter

NASA recently published a photo of Jupiter that became viral on social networks. The photo was taken by Juno, a probe that is orbiting Jupiter in order to collect more information about... Read more »

A Dark Matter Storm Is Rushing Towards The Sun

There’s a bizarre dark matter phenomenon that is speeding towards the Sun at speeds of about 500 km/second, says a new study that has been published in the journal Physical Review D... Read more »

Next Generations Will Be Larger And Heavier – More Food Will Be Required To Feed Earth’s Population

In 2050, it will be much harder to feed nine billion people than it is to feed the 7.6 billion today, says Gibran Vita, a Ph.D. candidate at the Norwegian University of... Read more »

The Next Generations May Never Get To See The Coral Reefs Due To Bleaching Caused By Climate Change

If something doesn’t change, Earth is about to lose one of its greatest treasures. Latest research brings some really gloomy conclusions. It seems that children who are born today may be the... Read more »

Neck Scans Can Find Early Dementia Signs Based On Pulse

Latest research shows that a quick scan of the neck could spot people who are at higher risk of developing dementia before the symptoms even appear. Experts have been using ultrasound scanners... Read more »

The ExoMars Rover Is Set To Land On Mars, Drilling Into The Surface To Hunt For Life Signs

The ExoMars rover will be landing on Mars sometime in 2020. Oxia Planum is a flat plain rich in iron-magnesium clays, and this seems to be the first choice of the mission’s... Read more »