Elephants are Immune to Cancer Due to their Zombie Gene

According to researchers, elephants’ unique gene gives them immunity to cancer or at least decrease their chances to get the disease. Their gene is called LIF6, or the Zombie gene is considered... Read more »

The World’s Oldest Microfossils had BiC characteristics

The Strelley Pool microfossils represent, perhaps, the oldest discovered fossils. Dating back 3.4 billion years, these fossils apparently had chemical characteristics similar to modern bacteria. This finding is a great step in... Read more »

Compounds from Certain Plants Foresee Oncology Problems in Small Rodents

Substances found in cabbage and other vegetables are promising better health with the digestive tract, as the Francis Crick Institute (FCI) found. The paper proves that rodents consuming lots of indole-3-carbinol, which... Read more »

Scientists Say Eat ‘Everything In Moderation’: Is There a Right Amount Of Carbs?

It took years until scientists figured out what’s healthier for us to eat and they still have conflicting ideas. In the past, fat was bad. Now, carbs and sugar should be avoided.... Read more »

Interested in a Job for Asteroid Mining? There’s a Masters for It in Colorado

There has been a lot of news on asteroid mining and how many precious resources they contain. Considering that the solar system is filled with asteroids – NASA estimated there should be... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Rover Identifies Foreign Object Debris

The team that controls NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered a strange object on Mars. The finding happened this week and it consisted of an unusual piece, raising concerns that it might have... Read more »

NASA Wants to Weigh Asteroids Using a “Flock” of Probes

Our planet might be surrounded by asteroids, but we don’t know much about them. NASA wants to learn how they behave and they intend on weighing them. The agency will have many... Read more »

This Leatherback Turtle Should Motivate us to take more action in Protecting the Oceans

A video of a giant Leatherback turtle that returns to the sea was posted on Facebook and it should make us want to do everything in our power to protect the oceans.... Read more »

The Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plan has been Orbiting for almost one year

The U.S. Air Force has launched a miniature space plane into orbit almost a year ago. The X-37B has been orbiting for 340 days while it performed covert duties, being part of... Read more »

Nucleus’ Particles Pair Up Reaching High Energies

If an atom’s nucleus is hit hard enough it can fall apart and the way in which it happens hints the internal structure of it and may be of the neutron stars... Read more »