Never-Before-Seen Shapes Of Saturn’s Rings, Revealed In Jaw-Dropping Final Photos From Cassini

Cassini managed to plunge where no other spacecraft has ever plunged before – this was in the space between Saturn and the rings of the planet. It dove there for about 22... Read more »

Processed Foods Linked to Obesity, Heart Diseases and Even Death

It has been proved, and we all know that processed foods are incredibly bad for our health. Chips, frozen pizza, and fizzy drinks are abundant of salt, sugar and fat, but now... Read more »

Jupiter’s Moon Europa has similar water as the Earth

Jupiter’s moon known as Europa is fascinating the scientific field. The moon is the sixth-largest object in the Solar System, but it is the smallest one between the four Galilean moons. The... Read more »

Milky Way Still Presents The Effects Of The Ancient Collision With Antlia 2 “Ghost Galaxy”

In 2018, a team of scientists spotted the so-called Antlia 2 galaxy that’s orbiting the Milky Way, but a recent study concluded that the before-mentioned “ghost galaxy” was involved in an ancient... Read more »

Ocean Warming and Climate Change Would Bring Extinction To Sea Monsters Like Squid Species

Sea monsters have always occupied a place of great fear in the hearts and minds of humans — squid, mainly, who are featured in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules... Read more »

NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Starts to Catch Shape

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission aims to help astronauts confront the inhabitable environment, and the robotic rover which will look for signs of life is starting now to catch a shape slowly. Engineers... Read more »

Six Infectious Viruses Almost Eliminated in the World

Starting with the first vaccine ever introduced to people and all the other numerous flu shots made available until today, vaccines have made an enormous contribution in the world, helping people develop... Read more »

Moon Landing Breaking News: Neil Armstrong Was Reportedly Forced To Lie About NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission

It’s been just reported that Neil Armstrong has lied to the NASA bosses ahead of the very first mission to the Moon. But it seems that he didn’t have much choice, according... Read more »

Strontium Titanate Has A Previously Unknown Phase, New Experiments Revealed

New research reveals a previously unknown phase that strontium titanate can be found in. If you take a look at the image above, the red arrows indicate the rapid pulses of light... Read more »

Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, Is Covered In Salt, And That’s Significant

Europa is one of Jupiter’s biggest moon, and it has picked the interest of a large number of researchers in recent times. A massive salty ocean can be found beneath the surface,... Read more »