Ultima Thule Is A “Future Comet,” NASA’s New Horizons Revealed

During the first hours of the new year, 2019, NASA’s New Horizon arrived at its destination, far beyond the orbit of Pluto – Ultima Thule. The small space rock orbiting the Sun... Read more »

Planet Nine Might Not Be The Culprit For The Strange Orbits Of Distant Solar System Objects

At the edges of the Solar System, well beyond Neptune, the space objects populating that regions have some strange orbits, puzzling the astronomers. Scientists do not know why is that happening, and... Read more »

A Spy Satellite has been Sent into Space

As the New Year settles more and more into our lives, we are surprised to see how quickly people returned to work, including astronomers. This weekend, on 19th of January 2019 Saturday,... Read more »

Can We Grow Plants on the Moon?

At the beginning of the week, a lot of websites and reports offered some revolutionary news: a plant seed had germinated successfully on the moon, which is part of an early experiment... Read more »

Up to 25% of all Antibiotic Prescriptions are Unnecessary

A new study claims that only 8% of the antibiotic prescriptions given in 2016 were clearly justified. The remaining numbers are quite worrisome. 28% were granted without a document diagnosis that would... Read more »

The Iconic Rings Around Saturn Are Younger Than We Thought

We all recognize Saturn by its iconic rings, but back in the past, the gas giant had no halo. The discovery was made thanks to the gravity science data sent back to... Read more »

Diabetes Remission: How to Live a Healthy Life With Diabetes?

People who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can increase their chances of Diabetes remission just by changing their lifestyle. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and want to live... Read more »

Hubble Space Telescope Might Operate Until 2025

The Hubble Space Telescope is the iconic spacecraft of NASA, launched in 1990 in Earth’s orbit from where it pleased us with hundreds of fascinating images of planets in our Solar System,... Read more »

Mysterious Black Hole Is Wandering Through Milky Way

Scientists now believe they’ve observed a Jupiter-sized, mysterious black hole that’s occasionally wandering through Milky Way galaxy. As we already know, astronomers cannot directly see black holes, but they detected a sort... Read more »

First Plants Grown On Moon Pronounced Dead

Space exploration has been taking new routes in the past years and scientists have experimented a lot more. One of the most interesting projects belonged to China’s Chang’e-4 mission. Cotton seeds were... Read more »